Mr. Anthony N. Z. Sani

Mr. Anthony N Z Sani is a pharmacist who also has MBA- all from ABU,Zaria. He is from Nasarawa state and married with three children; all five members of the family are graduates of the same university.
He worked as a pharmacist and rose to be the helmsman of the profession in the former Plateau state government before becoming Special Adviser and Director-General in the same state government.
It was the military change of government by General Abacha in 1993 that shoved him out of the public services.
Out of the public service, Mr Sani had a short stint in partisan politics as running mate to a gubernatorial candidate in Nasarawa state and later as state chairman of the party in the state. He also spent a short time as the Deputy National Financial Secretary of the ruling party in Abuja before veering into public spirited activities in some northern platforms. He performed those roles as the National Publicity Secretary of Arewa Consultative Forum and followed it up with being the spoke person for Northern delegates in the conference of 2014 and later the Secretary General of Arewa Consultative Forum. Mr Anthony N Z Sani is currently a member of the Advisory Council of Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation and member of Northern Media Forum.
What inspires Mr Anthony N Z Sani is his desire to help build a United Nigeria with a society that is socially diverse, economically empowered and politically active where politics, economics and morality can be made to intersect by purposeful leadership that is humane in its spirit, moral in its purposes and wise in its uses.
He also nudges the people into the realization that the good things of life are never inevitable but are attained through ceaseless hard work by not only leaders but through the followers as well.
Mr Anthony Sani believes great leaders are defined by great challenges precisely because such leaders pursue causes higher than themselves as worthy impulse and should help those who wish their burdens lifted, support those who wish their barriers broken and leave no one behind on account of circumstance of birth that is never matter of choice. Mr Anthony Sani thinks it is possible to make the most of our God-given diversity by working hard to overcome what divide the people. Hence his loathe of politics of zero-sum game which comes with politics of identity at the expense of real issues of real concern to ordinary citizens.That was why he does not share the views of those who advocate for the banning of sociocultural and religious platforms perceived as fissiparous.Rather,Mr Sani believes the overlapping interests and countervailing forces of these platforms tend to reinforce the unity of the country the more.
It is the view of Mr Sani that while wealth may be preferred over poverty, to be rich where most people cannot take basic needs for granted may not fulfil the common vision of the good life.That is why he is not partisan.
And because of his view that no government has enough resources to go round every citizen, governance is necessarily an art of balancing competing demands among the constituent parts and socioeconomic sectors.
To that end, citizens should avoid over expectations on the government and make clear distinction between power of government and claims made on its behalf.
Mr Anthony Sani pursues these noble goals through pressures and advocacy platforms of ACF and the foundation.
At a personal level, because he suffers physical disability from polio in one of his legs, he has come to believe that if President D Roosevelt on a wheel chair could forever prove there are no barriers to a determined spirit, he could as well live up such legacies by inspiring others in similar positions in his precinct to use education to reduce their limitations.His staying power in these pursuits is driven by his far sighted desire and sure footed resolve to cause progress that comes with change from interactions of advocacies that he undertakes which have not been without costs to him and his family.
Whether he has actually impacted on the society through such advocacies positively is not for him to say, but the people who have the final verdict.