About Us

The Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation (SABMF) was founded by the Governors of the 19 northern states of Nigeria in cooperation with the associates, friends, admirers and well-wishers of the late Sir Ahmadu Bello, KBE, the Sardauna of Sokoto and Premier of the defunct northern region.

The Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation was established to pursue the legacy of leadership and good governance bequeathed by late Sir Ahmadu Bello to bring Northern Nigeria back to reckoning in terms of human and economic development. It was launched in 2009.

The Foundation is a hybrid grant making/receiving, not-for-profit and non-governmental organization, and was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission on 19th January, 2009.

SABMF is conceived as an intervention agency that conceptualizes, designs, develops and executes programmes directly, partnering with other global and local NGOs or by collaborating with special interests that share the same or similar objectives with us in realizing their set goals and objectives which should be within the general framework for socio-economic development.
The Foundation mandate is geared towards fostering the legacy of exemplary leadership and good governance bequeathed by Sir Ahmadu Bello for sustainable human and economic development of the 19 northern State and the FCT.

Its office is located in Kaduna, Kaduna State, in the North West geopolitical zone of Nigeria.