Northern Education Development Initiative – NEDI

One of the hallmarks of the actualisation of Sir Ahmadu Bello’s vision of a developed northern Nigeria is the uncompromising and unflinching priority given to education. This vision was driven by the realisation that education enhances the capacity of the people to overcome the challenges of underdevelopment.  The establishment of and support for numerous secondary and tertiary educational institutions were some of the late Premier’s indelible legacies.

Education is without doubt one of the essential keys to development. With the very high level of illiteracy in the country and the crisis level situation in the education sector of states in northern Nigeria particularly, the lack of progression in educational policy formulation and implementation are a negation of the vision of Sir Ahmadu Bello. The Foundation’s scholarship scheme and endowment for development studies also include academic exchange for scholars. The Foundation also supports policy development research into best practices and teacher improvement schemes.

The NEDI programme is working with the ERP in collaborative capacity to advance the implementation of the action plan developed from the 2008 Northern Nigeria and FCT Education Summit. In this regard, the Foundation along with Ahmadu Bello University’s Centre for Historical Research and Documentation aka Arewa House organised a review meeting in March 2011 to evaluate the level of achievements recorded by the respective states.

The Foundation will also engage the partnership of committed stakeholders, development agencies and experts with a view to accelerating education development through direct investment in infrastructure, capacity building and advocacy.

The Foundation also makes scholarship awards for selected disciplines to outstanding students in public tertiary institutions.